Mummification and Base Jumping

My holiday started for about 2 weeks ago! My pation took a turn during the last 2 weeks in school, and my absent eye appeard. There was really no point in spending my time there, we were just watching films, eating unhealthy food and conducting the last couple of tests. The last one rather important, though. Remaining two more years, and then i’m all done with secondary school, can’t wait. Although i’m a bit anxious about my turn afterwards. My first weeks of freedom have been spent both at home and in London, but I won’t be writing a lot about that. But my most memorable experience there(London) was British Museum, a very crowded and massive museum with something suitable for each of those who would like to visit. You have to pick a section you have an interest for, etc. history of Iraq or ancient egypt. We had other plans the day we visited so we didn’t spend the whole day there, but we fell on ancient egypt, not really in my greatest interest, however, I found it interesting to learn more about the mummification, where even cats and cows of the rich people were mummificated! Where intestines was pulled out like the intestines of a fish, and later on they included embalming in their process, so the body would remain just as lifelike as it did in the earliest ancient egypt, where the bodies where buried in the desert exposed to dryness and heat.

I’ve noticed that I very often start my texts with a summary of what I’ve done since last time, or just other random things on my mind absent from my main writing plan. I have no idea why I do so, it doesn’t fit in, just looking weird really. But mostly that is how I come up with my subject, even though it doesn’t look like it. Because London is not my subject, but this time I found it natural to squeeze in, because it is one of the main reasons of my latest absent in addition to my illness which have given me a sore throat, fever and made me feeling sick. Weirdest combination ever, but I guess it’s just coincidences of my luck.

Even though the weather was glorious today I have spent an enjoyable time in front of my TV. The show I watched gave young scientists an opportunity to give a presentation about something in their deepest interest followed by a judge on the quality of their presentation given by a jury. The last one wasn’t any fun though, I mean, i’m able to tell whether I like a presentation or not myself. But the presentation itself was bloody fun! They were all so comitted to their own presentation that even subjects not in my interest was really interesting! For example Audun Hetland who had studied extreme sports gave a speech about base jumping. Never have I understood why people choose to do such extreme sports, when there is a great chance of getting injured or even die. I’d say their filled with overwhelming courage as well as they’re very, very stupid. But after his presentation based on a long term study my negativity is transformed into understanding. The video below show you an extended version of the presentation I saw today, it’s not taken from the same show because I found the extended presentation conducted in english and found it a bit better. So here you go;

I absolutely love the video ending his presentation, it sums up his whole presentation perfect! I mean the base jump of course! “I don’t care if I sound like the biggest retard in the world, that was fucking awsome!” most adoreble and funny thing I’ve ever heard! And I must point out how cool Hetlands results from measuring emotions is, that really captured my eye at least! And the fact that sadness completely disappears during this whole experience is just amazing! You are minutes away from a possible death, and you’re not sad at all! weird! If I ever get depressed I’ll just start with extreme sports then! Not really tempting, although my understanding is present now.

Why a foreign language is better to learn at home

I’m really excited at the moment, my holiday starts in about 2 weeks. I just finished an important test at school which i’ve put a lot of effort into accomplish. Lovely feeling to be finished with it, hope I did fine. Only time will tell(and my teacher, hehe).

I find it quite frightening to speak out my opinions of controversy topics, since i’m only 17 years old and have little basis for comparison when it comes to correct english. I’m constantly trying to develop my grammar with reading material conducted in english, because reading texts containing strong opinions with grammar mistakes are not very convincing. I think many of my mistakes lies in idiomatic expressions, where I often translate them directly without thinking of the expression as an idiom. Because you can not translate an idiom directly, because it is an expression from your native language. But thankfully my english is not a toss-up, it can’t go either way, with the exception of me getting senile in an early age or something.

In my school they say that it’s OK to make mistakes, I agree, with one exeption. Do not get me wrong, everybody make mistakes, but since i’m talking about language classes i’m pointing out the consequences of making mistakes for your own part, not the fact that you get humiliated by speaking up in class. when a student with poor english is forced to speak in the conducted language and then make mistakes, later on he/she will probably make the same mistake again , and will then follow the same path. I can rely myself to my spanish class, where we are forced to make sentences without enough knowlege of how to do it properly. I have absolutely no clue in what order the words are coming in, until I have misspoken the sentence and my teacher corrects me, but I will probably forget it because my speech is reinforced and therefore easier to remember than his. After my opinion there should be more focus on reading well-written texts and practising grammar, instead of leading students into an unnecessary path where they later on -if correct english is desirable- would have to learn it anew. So after my opinion, it’s easier to learn a foreign language at home, at least at the moment.

Five hundred Friends

After almost 4 years with a facebook account my enthusiasm has started decline. Facebook has expanded enourmously the last couple of years in the way of people almost being forced to have a facebook account. Twitter and all these other forms of social media is at the moment more voluntary, which makes it acceptable. In the beginning I thougth something new and fresh would rather quickly make facebook obsolete, I was obviously wrong! Several poured to facebook during a short period of time, this has caused a decrease in new members proven by statistics. So it dosen’t mean people are less enthusiastic about it, it’s just that almost everybody has an account already. Facebook went viral during few years, and has continued its steady popularity. Of course there is both pros and cons, but my concern is that the disadvantages is developing. People are mostly delivering parts of their retouched daily life, this is apparently contagious, because my whole facebook is filled with “perfect” people. All these annoying coxcombs who pops up on my monitor on a daily basis just won’t disappear! Of course I can delete my account, but again, there is also positive aspects of facebook. It’s a nice way of finding out what my acquaintances are up to. Oh! and those private groups are ingenius! Brilliant way of bringing people together for parties or just chatting.

Did you know the average person spends about 24 hours on facebook during one month? Is connected to 80 sites and groups? And has a total of 130 facebook-friends? I was a bit shocked when I saw the average persons facebook-friends, because most of my peers have like 500+/-, mostly over 500, it’s nuts, but currently normal.

Religion – A Great Controversy

I’ve many times concluded with there being religious reasons behind some peoples strange behavior, only in obvious situations where very conservative religion emerges. Strange behavior is seen everywhere, but at the moment religious behavior is my subject. I’m not trying to say that religious people should be unable to speak up their opinions, this is just my perspectived view of how religion effects others in a negative way.

Few years ago religious people was the dominating, humanism was a undiscovered belief of life among people. It probably was an existing belief, but it was not named, which means it was a taboo belief or just a frigthening belief where facing unsertainty of future and death was too much. This is very understanding, and if a concrete religion was an unexisting phenomenon, I think all spiritual thoughts would collect and form a new dominating religion with rules telling you how too act, this would grow until a revolutionary person would speak out and suggest thinking more logical. Some people would join his way of thinking, and  eventually their group would grow, and the two different beliefs would create a big controversy. Which would make the religious belief more voluntary, and people would then have freedom of choice. The conrete religion would maybe cause problems for the non-religious person stuck between religious friends and family, maybe something “unnatural” like beeing gay would happen to him/her. Some of the religious people would then notice the pain religion applied some people, and maybe even themself. Some of them would then remove this wrong “rule”, while some would disagree with changing the religion and keep the “rule”. Many of the religious thoughts would after time be proven wrong, and many of them would be changed out by those people wanting to be more logically religious. After time depending on the person, people would notice that many of the religious rules constantly had been changed out with common sense, and that having a concrete religion followed with many unnecessary limitations which was proven wrong many years ago.

My theory is that religion will die, and after generations return in a different form, caused by fear and unsertainty of whats coming next. People will always need something to rely on, whether they are religious or not, and even for the person who believe in humanism there is safety in knowing that there is spiritism or even religion if a great fear should appear.

My problem with religion is the lack of ability to change ridicules things and rules that are obviously unnecessary harming certain people. I understand that religion then gets more ridicules if we constant change things about it, because then the meaning of religion disappears and turns out more free spiritual. Some people refuse to change anything about their religion, and this is why I dislike it. Religion makes for example debates about political issues very difficult, and is very frustrating for both religious and non-religious people. Today there is still some people fully relying on their religion, most of them have changed something about it, but I still find it quite weird that they actually believe in something with so much stupidity, and without any proves, but with proves saying their wrong. I remember beeing a kid at school when we had religion, I was so confused and did not understand why an adult had to teach us about false history.

Happy “birth”day

Is the national day of Norway placed at the wrong date? Thats for you to deside, here is my short version of the history:

17th May 1814 our constitution was dated with help from Christian Fredrik who was elected as king the same day. This is the main reason behind our national day, in addition to the new independence without Denmark. Some months after Fredrik was elected as king, Sweeden attacked Norway with (a small)war so they could start the implementing of the union. Therefore, already 4th November 1814 the fully independence was broken. The king of Sweeden -Karl VIII- was by the parliament chosen as king of Norway as well, which meant Norway was under swedish union. But Norway was formally independent because the only swedish ruling things was foreign policy and the swedish king. Some necessary and demanding changes was made in our constitution and signed the same day Karl VIII was elected as king. Norway was not fully independent until August 1905 after dissatisfaction from parties reminiscent of Englands Labour party. King Oscar II was the ruling king in this period of time, and the gouvernment got 3 rejected suggestions of a own consulate Norway from the king. This forced the king to find a new gouvernment(according to the constitution), which he did not accomplish. The gouvernment therefore managed to cease the king, who was the binder of Norway and Sweeden. A poll found place after demands from Sweeden for approving a independent Norway. The voting system was horrible, only 25 year old men and up were allowed to vote, all women were forbidden to make any immediate effect. Those who voted for independence was hunged out with name and adress. And some churches did not take advantidge of those who voted for independence(the voting found place in churches). During this there was fear of war, many soldiers were therefore sent to the border(My great-grandfather was one of them). But fantastic results was the outcome, 368208 voted for independence while 184 voted for keeping the union, this was 85% of the norwegian population. 26th october 1905 was the official day sweeden accepted the now independent Norway.

I can understand the reason why 17th may is the most fitting day, at least my view of it would be our constitution which was the saving laws that kept Oscar II from delaying or maybe even preventing a independent Norway. But I think there should be more awareness around 7th june. Because 7th june 1905 was the day Norway declared independence, that is something worth noticing, altough the accepting found place some months later. The awareness around this important history should be more available in norwegian schools.

Our national day is celebrated with children’s parade and other fun parades(not military as in many other countries), ice cream, sausages, outdoor games, and more of harmless enjoyable fun. Many people are wearing a cosume called ‘bunad’, I do not think there is any good replacement for this word in english! But it is a traditionale costume with different pattern depending on what county you’re from.

This was from our parade today, but the view is hopeless caused by the many umbrellas!

Thoughts About The Language

My determination of impoving my english with help from this blog has actually grown. And still there is no spesific theme ruling my blog, but I have noticed that the word ‘society’ have been a used word in many of my posts, maybe this is a starting theme? There is definitely a lack of pictures, which comes from my many society posts, where it is difficult to find a suitable picture for the theme. I will try to improve this by using more of my inspiration.

I think english is a very important language to learn, it after all is the language which keeps people with different native languages connected in many ways. Today almost all countries have english lessons, but still some take the subject in a lower level. I do not think this is a serious issue, because the language is transferred very easlily through televison, films, internet and sometimes books. I think this is the best way of learning the languge, because then you do something you enjoy, for example watching a film. You then get some new words unconsciously transmitted into your vocabulary. And the pronunciation of words obviously improves while watching english films. But still, many countries dub their everyday entertainment into their own language, especially TV-shows, and this effects their progress in english, particulary the pronunciation of words.

My next blogpost hopefully contains a picture!

Systems – Power of Effect

Today something quite frightening is on my writing plan. It is very frightening, after my opinion.

Everybody have their moments when frighthening realities occur. Thoughts that often seems surreal about death or even present. Because there are many afraid thoughts popping up out there(I think) which are about being alive.

Humans are living after systems, all of us. Different systems, but still systems. Some people mark them self as anarchists, but honestly, anarchists rely on a system without any systems, which means it is a system. A system without any systems would not work in the developed society we have today. It would migth work in the first society ever alive, because then they would not be aware of the anarchistic society, but I think humans naturally make laws and systems, whether it is obvious norms or planned laws.

I think it is strange, that we are all afraid of almost the same things(in different levels), like war, death or any anxiety situation. People in Sudan has a higher anxiety level for war then people in Norway, this is depending on the uncertainty of the society. Depending on quality and agreement of the system. So it does not mean that people in Norway would react with less fear in a war situation. Our fears are depending on our environment and emotional experiences. This makes me wonder… What if we all were in the exact same environment and had the exact same emotional experiences over a long period of time, would we be just like everyone else? Have the same temper and the same social skills? Of course it would take many generations, but in the end, would this happen?…  The reason why this is frightening me is the many people out there who discust me, people without empathy, those who choose to harm others. These are often people who have been raised without love or empathy. But imagine if you were one of those, raised with anger and without love, would you be the one you are today? Probably not. This is why the system and society we live in is so important, because it forms us to the person we are. And this is also why a democratic system is so important, then we can join, affect and deside how our society and next generations should to be.

Writer, Doctor or Engineering? HELP

I am very sure of that I am not the only one wondering where to expand and put my knowledge. I need something that will give me joy and something where I can furfill needs of society. To put it in one word; successful. This meens having enough money in the way of not needing to think of how much my groceries and clothes will cost. It meens not beeing needy of money insurance or having to depend on my parents salary. Money, joy, benefits for society and length of the education are the factors that counts the most, atleast for myself.

Engineering is a very good paid job at the moment, aspesially petroleum engineering. My acquaintances who have studied for becoming petroleum engineers have studyed for 5 years. But this is nothing for me, money alone is useless, and engineering seems really boring.

Being a writer seems really frustrating at times, constantly having to rely on your creativity and the popularity of your works. You can be lucky and earn enough money for living, but most writers have this annoying concern of their salary. Writings and different books are really lovely to have on my freetime, but is it something society needs? Yes. Expressing through words on paper is clearly, and comes out more well-planned. Better understanding of history, politics, diseases etc. are easier for many if they get it in through books, newspapers or other words on paper forms. It is a brilliant way of avoiding misunderstandings.

Medicine, however, looong education. 6 years + inturn for 1 and a half, then you can specialize in orthopedics, cardio etc. But this seems fun though! And the salary is skyhigh! Negative sites I have to point out is the enormous pressure having to act like your some sort of god who never makes mistakes, and I hate pressure.

I think I have to settle with knowing that I can’t be completely pleased no matter what I choose. Some difficulties will appear in all jobs.

The King’s Speech

Yesterday, me and my family watched “The King’s Speech”. I truly love watching films with family. I think you get more out of it when watching something in a larger group of people in different ages. The main reason behind this affection is the reflecting and discussion which always appers after the film. My perspective around the theme often changes after a discussion with friends or family .

The King’s Speech is a british film from 2010. Colin Firth plays George VI who stammers. Firth makes his character very credible, I felt truly sorry for him when he had to speech in front of his country while he regulary stuttered. The film is based on the true story when Albert Frederick Arthur George(14 December 1895 – 6 February 1952) involuntary becomes king of the United Kingdom. The film shows us the strict, and after my opinion, cruel way people were treated if they were a bit different. Unfortunally for young Albert, he was left-handed at the time society forced children to be rigth-handed. This, among others, was the reason that started his stuttering, according to his rather different speech therapist. The film gives you a larger perspective of how stupid methods they had for curing stammering people at the time. The kings different speech therapists had no pation, and was almost forcing him to talk flowing, which resulted in more hesitation and stuttering. At the end George VI finds a more original speech therapist with more pation, understanding and different methods. This helps him into accomplish tasks like the many war speeches he is forced to held. The king stayed a stammer in his daily life, but he accomplished all his public tasks withouth being unable to coplete his speeches. George VI and his speech therapist stayed friends throughout.

After my opinion there is no reason trying to ”fix” stuttering people. Those who need help are those who thinks stuttering people need help. As long as they are able to complete and enjoy conversations there is no need for treatment. But if they are forced to speech in public, some understanding help should be allowed.



This post is for everyone(included me) who needs a better vocabulary.

“Leisure” means “free-time” and is considered to be one of the most beautiful english words. It is certainly more beautiful than “free-time” I suppose.

I have found several of fetching english words I would like to share, for example “desultory” which is a lovely replacement for “slow”.

“Epiphany” which means having a sudden revelation.

“Ebullience” is a more fine word for bubbling enthusiasm.

“Redolent” which means “fragrent”, I honestly think “fragrent” is more fetching than “redolent” though.

“Comely” is a known replacement for “attractive”, I think.

I have a lot of leisure(!) at the moment, holiday is just around the corner, and almost all of my tests and homeworks are finished. I am not complaining!